The main objective of this project is to develop new IEDs identification tools by Raman spectroscopy.


This objective will be achieved pursuing five specific goals:


(i) Selecting and prioritizing explosives and compounds usable in IEDs of police interest taking into account the current contexts,


(ii) Acquiring knowledge on the state of the art of Raman spectroscopy and the practical technological advances of this spectroscopic technique to be used efficiently by police laboratories,


(iii) Developing sensitive, selective, and fast Raman spectroscopic methods for the identification of IEDs components in unexploded devices and post-blast residues found at crime scenarios in order to study traceability relationships from post-blast residues to the IED composition,


(iv) Elaborating a database containing the collected Raman spectra recorded for a great number of explosives and compounds usable in IEDs, and


(v) Transferring the project results to other European police laboratories.

Ramanex, Prevention of and Fight Against Crime 2007-2013, Action Grants 2011.