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The RAMANEX Project answers to the title “New identification methods of improvised explosive devices and post-blast residues by Raman spectroscopy to prevent criminal actions”.


The EU is an area of increasing openness and in which the internal and external aspects of security are intimately linked. In addition, it is an area of increasing interdependence, allowing the free movement of people, ideas, technology and resources. As a result, it is also an area where criminals/terrorists may abuse to pursue their objectives. In fact, EU is both a target and a base for terrorism attacks.


The European Commission and Council has established Action Plans with the strategic objective of enhancing the security regarding explosives in order to combat the use of explosive devices by terrorists within the EU.


The specific issue of this project is the development of sensitive, selective and fast identification methods to study IEDs before and after their use. Such tasks are central for identifying and backtracking the IED components from the post-blast residues found at crime scenarios. In turn, it is critical to prevent criminal/terrorist actions.

Ramanex, Prevention of and Fight Against Crime 2007-2013, Action Grants 2011.